Our mission is to reduce information overload and
simplify people’s lives by assembling and organizing
content in an effective and sustainable way.

Our Story

Lupn started in early 2017 when Adriana, our founder, and a veteran in the user experience/user interface design field, realized that besides the proliferation of communication channels, people were tired of information overload and frequently felt lost and disconnected from their communities.

This insight happened when her son started kindergarten and she was overwhelmed with communications via e-mails, phone calls, paper, social media, and websites.

This led her to put her experience into practice by creating a platform to aggregate content from different sources and personalize the end-user experience. She soon realized that this system could have a wide range of applications, and the city of Glendale, CA accepted to run the pilot test.

Lupn was launched in the City of Glendale, CA, in April of 2018.

Our Management Team

Adriana Tavares Torresan

Founder & CEO


Matthew Drake

Co-founder & CTO


Anne Pereira

Brazilian Co-founder & CMO

Jonathan Haun

Lead Engineer



Jim McCarthy

Co-founder & CEO at GoldStar

Edward Lee

Founder & CEO at HelloAdvisr
Mentor at Bixel Exchange

Our Values

Interested in joining us? We would love to meet you.

Adriana lives in Glendale, CA. We are proud to be a remote team. Please feel free to contact us at info@lupn.co.